Personal life

I was born in Belluno, Italy in 1990, where I lived until I had to move in order to attend university in Trieste. I lived there, together with my girlfriend and our wonderful daughter, born in 2010, until summer of 2019, when we moved back to Belluno.

I like to get my hands dirty with building, fixing and (often) breaking things: I maintain and repair my car myself and greatly enjoy woodworking and electronics.

I love coding and messing with computers. In particular I have large experience with Linux-based operative systems, which I have been using since 2007. I recently built my own low power home server, which runs on ArchLinux: you can find more info about it here. I’m particularly interested in technology and its role in shaping modern society, privacy, and internet culture.

I am an avid reader: I read all kind of books, but enjoy fantasy, historical and mountaineering books the most. Here you can read about a few of my favourite books and comics.

Since 2013 I am one of the chief organisers of the Great snowball fight, an epic annual event based on snowballs (and lots of risotto).

Living in Belluno for the most part of my youth left me with a constitutional and unconditioned love for mountains. I love climbing, trekking and hiking, and always find refuge in mountaineering when possible. Read more about it here.